About freelance consultants. 

Consultants are experts who have considerable experience and knowledge in their area.   An independent freelance property consultant presents a number of advantages: 

  • Motivated to succeed - future business and survival depends on good results and referrals. 
  • New skills - skills not available in your organisation can be passed on to regular staff. 
  • Economic - much cheaper than adding salaries and benefits to your payroll. 
  • More productive - more focused and less distracted by outside concerns and office politics. 
  • Cost avoidance - has seen what does or does not work and can steer you away from pitfalls. 
  • Outsider - free from corporate conventions - free to answer hard questions with the right answers. 
  • Independent buffer - useful agent function for negotiations where a principal can be compromised. 
  • Easy to hire and fire - useful for short term solutions and providing flexibility.